About the Faculty

FP started its journey as Faculty of Health Sciences which offered three Diploma courses namely; Diploma in Radiography, Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology and Diploma in Nursing Science, in 2008 of it was upgraded to Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FPSK)and programmes offered grew to six which two of the courses were Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery and Bachelor of Dietetics (Honours). In 2011, the Diploma in Physiotherapy was offered. However, the Board of Directors in its meeting on 17 December 2014 No.6 / 2014 agreed to approve the restructuring of FPSK to two (2) separate faculties; namely the Faculty of Medicine (FP) and the Faculty of Health Sciences (FSK). FP continues offering the Diploma in Nursing Sciences besides Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. The Faculty has graduated a number of Master of Sciences graduates and couple of PhD graduates.