UniSZA research is founded on the principle that by pursuing big ideas and sharing what we learn, we can make the world a better place. Our research is widely recognised for its achievements in applied research in Islamic Contemporary Studies, Development & Sustainability of Community, Business & Agro Industry Sustainability and Health & Well-being, that are firmly focused on solving real-world problems. Underpinning our research endeavours are strong partnerships with industry, business and government, which result in outcomes that greatly benefit the broader community locally, nationally and globally.

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Search from our diverse, multi-talented team of researchers who are changing the world for the better. They actively work together and collaborate with various partners from industry, government, and community groups to create exciting opportunities.

Centre of Excellence

Research Niches & Clusters

We have two (2) research niches and four (4) research clusters:

1.Islamic contemporary civilisation
  • Islamic contemporary studies
  • Development & sustainability of community
2.Sustainable health, business and technology
  • Business & agro industry sustainability
  • Health & well-being

Research Objectives

  • Expand and strengthen research groups under each research group.
  • Encourage multidisciplinary research collaboration.
  • Strengthen research teams through long-term strategic planning and ensure relevant and up-to-date research.
  • Develop research collaborations and networks with local and international institutions.
  • Foster a culture of research by focusing on providing solutions to local and global problems.

Centralized Lab Management Centre (CLMC)

The Centralized Lab Management Centre (CLMC) provide a quality laboratory facilities for scientific analysis and testing, advisory and teaching services for students, researchers and the community by using latest equipment with competent and committed manpower. Among the activities:

  • Coordinating laboratory management and monitoring laboratories activities at each faculty.
  • Planning and improving the old and new laboratory development.
  • Planning and improving the competency of laboratory staff.
  • Planning the career path of laboratory staff.
  • Creating strategic and centralized laboratory.
  • As a bridge between university and industry for related laboratories fields.
  • To get the specific laboratory recognition and certification such as ISO, 5S, accreditation and endorsement for competency of staff.
  • Handling the finance related to laboratories.