UniSZA research is founded on the principle that by pursuing big ideas and sharing what we learn, we can make the world a better place. Our research is widely recognised for its achievements in applied research in Islamic Contemporary Studies, Development & Sustainability of Community, Business & Agro Industry Sustainability and Health & Well-being, that are firmly focused on solving real-world problems. Underpinning our research endeavours are strong partnerships with industry, business and government, which result in outcomes that greatly benefit the broader community locally, nationally and globally.

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Research Clusters




Islamic Civilization and Social Development

The Islamic Civilization and Social Development Research Cluster is a group of academics who are active in research and knowledge generation in various disciplines of Islamic civilization and social development including Islamic studies, education, language, society and humanity. The establishment of this cluster aims to cultivate research and enrich knowledge for the benefit of people in the field of Islamic civilization and social development through the empowerment of various research groups and the collaborative involvement of researchers.

The objectives of this research cluster are to:

  1. Planning and implementing research that has an impact on the sustainability of Islamic civilization and social development in a systematic way.
  2. Creating research innovation products as alternative solutions to the problems of contemporary society and the global world
  3. Creating local and international collaboration networks to share ideas and research results with educational institutions, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, industry and the community.


This cluster consists of:

 Special Interest Group

●       Islamic Governance

●       Center for Psychology and Rehabilitation
         of Disabled Children UniSZA

●       Addiction Rehabilitation in the Community

●       Shariah Compliant Breast Milk

 Research Group

●       Dialogue of

●       Islamic

●       Women Fiqh

●       Medical Fiqh

●       Contemporary
         Islamic Finance

●       Islamic   

●       Quranic

●       Al-Quran
         dan Qiraat

●       Tahfiz

●       Comparison of
         Religion and

●       Psychology and

●       Belief and
         Knowledge of

●       Tasawuf and

●       Islamic Thought
         and Philosophy

●       Education

●       Scholars of

●       Arabic

●       History of Islamic

●       Funeral

●       Al-Quran
         Studies and 

●       Communication

●       Applied Arabic

●       Forensic

●       Sociolinguistics

●       Educational

●       Arabic

●       Management
         and Environment

●       HIV/ AIDS

●       Heritage,
         and Indigenous

●       Tourism

●       Community
         and Wellbeing

●       Women’s
         and Leadership

●       Thoughts of

●       Local Wisdom

●       East Coast

●       The construction
         of Malaysia’s

Medical and Healthcare

The Medical & Health Research Cluster which includes groups of researchers from the fields of medicine and health to carry out research and development in priority areas of medicine and health and explore the vast and still unknown field of tropical medicine. This research cluster is aligned with the priority areas of health research and health needs in this country.

The objectives of this research cluster are to:

  1. Planning and conducting high-impact research in translational research to generate effective and efficient delivery of medical and health services.
  2. Developing competent research through evidence-based medicine and healthcare, clinical research, clinical economics, health technology assessment and medical management.
  3. Promoting interdisciplinary research and a scientific environment in clinical and health practice that fosters excellence in the acquisition, production, communication, and implementation of knowledge to improve the delivery of medical and health services efficiently and creatively.

 This cluster consists of:

 Special Interest Group

●       Mental Health

●       RehabTECH

Research Group

●      Disability

●      Community
        Assessment and

●       Medical

●       Healthy Aging

●       Microbial
         Genomics and

●       Cell and     
         Biology for
         Targeted Therapy

●       Surgery

●       Multivariate
         Analysis for

●       Organ Donation
         & Transplantation

●       Nephrology

●       Breast Cancer

●       Orthopaedics,
         Trauma &

●       Radiology

●       Emergency

●       Affective

●       Women’s Health
         and Wellness

●       Obs & Gynae
         and Child Health

●       Clinical Diabetes

●       Clinical

●       Pharmaceutical

●       Functional

●       Health

●       Medical Imaging
         and Radiation

●       Natural Products
         and Functional

●       OMICS

●       Public Health


Agriculture and Environment

The Agriculture and Environment Cluster supports research activities related to the Sustainable Agriculture niche. Malaysia is a developing country that is rich in natural resources and has high commercial value. There are various herbal plants and honey that have health benefits that have not yet been fully researched to enable large-scale production of agricultural-related products. Environmental impact studies from commercial agriculture will be done to ensure the sustainability and sustainability of agriculture.

The objectives of this research cluster are to:

  1. Planning and conducting high-impact research in translational research to produce sustainable and high-quality agricultural products.
  2. Promoting inter-disciplinary research and a positive scientific environment in addressing food security and safety issues from farm to fork.
  3. Planning impact studies and measures to prevent environmental pollution due to industrial activities and commercial agriculture.

This cluster consists of:

 Special Interest Group

●       Stingless Bee

Research Group

●       Animal Health and Welfare

●       Animal Reproduction

●       Aquaculture

●       Aquatic Biodiversity

●       Aquatic/Animal Nutrition

●       Crop Production

●       Environmental Sustainability

●       Food Processing

●       Food Quality and Safety

●       Medicinal Plant Resources
         and Sustainability

●       Plant Genetics and Breeding

●       Plant Protection


Smart Technology
and System

The Smart Technology and Systems Research Cluster is a research group that focuses on advancing the development and application of smart technologies in various domains as well as the production of advanced products. This cluster brings together researchers, experts and professionals from various fields to collaborate on cutting-edge projects and innovations. Its main goal is to harness the potential of smart technologies and high-tech products to address complex challenges and improve the quality of life for individuals and communities.

The objectives of this research cluster are to:

  1. Conducting research and development activities aimed at creating and refining smart technologies and systems (Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and data analysis) as well as robust manufacturing and the latest and most advanced technologies.
  2. Harnessing smart technology to create innovative solutions that improve efficiency, sustainability and well-being across multiple sectors.
  3. Planning an interdisciplinary impact study that can produce artificial intelligence (intelligence system elements in machines or products) that are now widely used around the world.


This cluster consists of:

Special Interest Group

  • Metaverse
  • Data Sciences and Analytics (DASA)

Research Group

  • Advanced Multimedia
  • Autonomous and Intelligent System
  • Computational and Applied Mathematics
  • Computer Vision and Knowledge Management
  • Information and Communication Security
  • Intelligent Data
  • Networks and Communication
  • Biomaterials and Nanomaterials
  • CADCAM Tech
  • Design Education and Management
  • Microfabrication, Sensor, Electronic and Computer System
  • Industrial Design Innovation and Sustainability

Law and Business

The Law and Business Research Cluster is a group of academics, researchers, and practitioners of law and business who collaborate to each other on research and development. This research cluster recognizes the growing importance of the relationship between law and business and aims to contribute to the understanding and development of this field. By bringing together experts in law and business, the cluster is able to explore new ideas, identify emerging issues, and develop relevant and effective solutions for the business community, policy makers, and society.

The objectives of this research cluster are to:

  1. Developing interdisciplinary research focusing on the relationship between law and business.
  2. Improving the quality of teaching in the field of law and business through the development of an innovative and up-to-date curriculum.
  3. Enhancing and expanding legal and business research and teaching networks.
  4. Providing input and advice to the government and the business sector on related legal and business issues.

This cluster consists of:

Special Interest Group

  • Risk Management and Takaful

Research Group

  • Law and Social Justice
  • International Humanitarian Law
  • Syariah Law and Professional Practice
  • Strategy and Safety
  • Business Law
  • Marketing Management and Consumer Behavior
  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business
  • Applied Economics
  • Operation Research and Management Sciences
  • Behavioural Management
  • Business and Finance Shariah
  • Wealth Management/Islamic Wealth Management
  • Applied Financial Research
  • Mathematical Modelling of Business Risks
  • Governance and Accountability
  • Accounting Information and Management Forensic Accounting and Finance


Research Objectives

  • Expand and strengthen research groups under each research group.
  • Encourage multidisciplinary research collaboration.
  • Strengthen research teams through long-term strategic planning and ensure relevant and up-to-date research.
  • Develop research collaborations and networks with local and international institutions.
  • Foster a culture of research by focusing on providing solutions to local and global problems.

Centralized Lab Management Centre (CLMC)

The Centralized Lab Management Centre (CLMC) provide a quality laboratory facilities for scientific analysis and testing, advisory and teaching services for students, researchers and the community by using latest equipment with competent and committed manpower. Among the activities:

  • Coordinating laboratory management and monitoring laboratories activities at each faculty.
  • Planning and improving the old and new laboratory development.
  • Planning and improving the competency of laboratory staff.
  • Planning the career path of laboratory staff.
  • Creating strategic and centralized laboratory.
  • As a bridge between university and industry for related laboratories fields.
  • To get the specific laboratory recognition and certification such as ISO, 5S, accreditation and endorsement for competency of staff.
  • Handling the finance related to laboratories.