Mace Introduction



Cokmar has historically been a functioning weapon and its shape has led to greatness and power in the convocation ceremonies of conferring a university degree. The Cokmar also represents the authority of the Chancellor as the Head of University.

Sultan Zainal Abidin University’s Cokmar(formerly known as the University of Darul Iman Malaysia) is create based on the concept of science, philosophy and history of the institution itself and its environment.

Rationale / Design Concept

The whole concept of the cokmar’s design incorporates elements of Islam, contemporary and traditional through a combination of new materials, improvastion of designs and the local traditional motives are also applied . The Cokmar embellished with flower motives symbolizes the university's desire to continue to thrive with the dissemination of knowledge while upholding the value of tradition.

The use of clear acrylic (clear acrylic) at the top and end of the glaze illustrates the concept of openness and transparency of the university's practice. The upper part of the spine that supports the acrylic ball in ascending form represents the 5 pillars of Islam and is also associated with the reign of the Terengganu sultanate. The gold plated finishes in this section show the majesty of Islam and the symbol of sultanate sovereignty.

The Qur'anic verses surah al-Baqarah: 30 and 269 and Ali-Imran surah: 190 are used in the main section of the textbook. The use of this verse is in line with the University of Zainal Abidin's Creed Vision to produce leaders who can fulfill their responsibilities as wise Caliphs who are able to manage, plan, administer and make the right decisions. Apart from that, Sultan Zainal Abidin University also nurtures thinking, enriching knowledge, fostering high culture through research and innovation and fostering high morals among students.

The design of the Cokmar is divided into three (3) main sections that show the existence of three university degree offers, namely, first degree, master's and doctorate. There are three (3) gold-plated sections and three thick sheets of metal that represent the three main campuses: Medical Campus, Gong Badak and Besut Campus and three (3) main areas of study,Allied Health,Islamic scien e and Agricultural Biotechnology.

Another special characteristic of the Cokmar’s design allows it to be stored,polished and dismantled of its parts to 8 parts easily.The design of the Cokmar was vitally-detailed and precised by following the Spinning technique,Lathe Work and Photo Etching.