Mobility Programmes

Broaden your horizons and enhance your international experience through various cultural and knowledge exchanges with our mobility programmes which involves the emplacement of a student outside the country or in a university/institution within the country.
Among mobility programmes offered in UniSZA include:

  • Edutourism
  • UniSZA Mobility Exchange (U&ME)
  • Credited Mobility Exchange


A fun learning process through the exchange of different cultural and environmental experiences. The Edutourism packages offered are as below:

  • Traditional Terengganu Healthy Food & Lifestyle Experience
  • Aboriginal Cultural Village Adventure
  • Terengganu Traditions Experience
  • English Language Summer Camp
  • The Enchanting Malay Language and Culture
  • Tropical Rainforest Birdwatching
  • Star Gazing in the Tropics
  • Mobilegraphy: Capture Your Worlds


UniSZA Mobility Exchange (U&ME)

U&ME is a free credited exchange programme that welcomes students from all over the world to join academic programmes at UniSZA that focus on culture and language. The courses available are run fully online for a full semester and are offered free of charge. For more information on dates, courses, and how to register, please follow the link below.

Credited Mobility Exchange​

Students studying at universities outside of Malaysia are welcome to pursue their studies at UniSZA for one semester as an exchange student. UniSZA, with a wide range of courses from a majority of our faculties, is the perfect place for you to gain international experience living and studying in Malaysia. For more information on how to become a full time exchange student at UniSZA, follow the link below.

Please contact the Mobility Coordinator at the International Centre regarding our mobility programmes.