Vision, Mission and Objective



To become an excellence technology-based academic resources center.


Providing information and latest facilities to support teaching, learning and research development for academic excellent.


  • Become a reference and resource center for the university.
  • Acquire and develop quality library collection in accordance with academic and research requirements, at present and in the future, in any form.
  • Create a library management team of qualified, competent, committed and sensitive to the mission and vision of the university and raise the profile of libraries in public view.
  • Provides latest, complete, and structured information services in conducive environment.
  • Become a partner in achieving academic glory.
  • Provide services that meet the needs of all patrons from all walks of life, not only to the university students and staffs but also to the general public in need of information.
  • Encourage event to promote awareness towards the value of information and knowledge for campus life and community.
  • Maximize the use of information technology in Library management and services.



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