Reader's Advisory Program

The Reader's Advisory Program is to guide readers to the resources they need and to help them identify and retrieve information.

Objective :-
The program is a way to help students familiarize themselves with the layout, regulations, formats of materials that may be borrowed, and types of services offered by the UniSZA Library.

Program Content :-

  1. Introduction to UniSZA Library
  2. Mission, Vision & Objective
  3. Rules & Regulation
  4. Dress Code
  5. Service Hour
  6. Membership
  7. Collections
  8. Services
  9. ILMU's System Guide; WebOPAC, Infotrac
  10. Database's Search Guide; online database, e-books, e-journals ..etc

Learning Outcomes

Once students complete the Library Information Literature Program they should be able to :-

- Locate resources and services within the library.
- Know where to go for assistance from the library staff.
- Log on to library computers
- Understand the basics of database searching.

  • Library Orientation Program

Library offers a variety of orientation programs for new students, faculty, and staff. The Library Orientation Program offers first year students an introduction to the library resources and services, as well as information on study skills to help make the first year student experience successful.

  • Information Literacy Program

Information Literacy Program is to help students master information skills that will enrich their academic and personal lives and enable them to become independent lifelong learners. The program is conducted in a group of new students by faculty/courses. The library will send a letter to the faculty to set a date for students to attend this program.

  • Information Skills Workshop

The UniSZA Library offers all sorts of courses and workshops in the field of information skills:

- searching for academic literature
- using resources (databases, software, etc.)
- electronically managing and using literature references (EndNote, citation styles, etc.).

Academic staff who wish to pay more attention to information skills in their courses can contact the library via Faculty Liaison Librarian.


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