• [eBook] Chemical Fingerprinting: Analysis for Discrimination of Ficus Deltoidea Jack Varieties  (2015)

Penulis: Azierah Azmin & Khamsah Suryati Mohd 

Ficus deltoidea Jack is a South East Asian native plant traditionally used to treat several diseases. This plant occurs in several varieties in Malaysia including F. deltoidea var. deltoidea, var. trengganuensis, var. kunstleri, var. motleyana, var. intermedia, var. borneensis, var. bilobata and var. angustifolia. However, the confusion arises on its identification and therapeutic potential due to the varietal status. This book reports the chemical fingerprint analyses on several varieties and their localities via chromatography and spectroscopy techniques. Chemometric analysis was employed to analyse the fingerprints. The evaluation of chemical composition by thin layer chromatography as well as the chemical pattern by high performance thin layer chromatography fingerprinting reveals the differences of chemical groups and marker content in F. deltoidea varieties and localities. Principal Component Analysis (PCA) of fourier transform infrared spectra reveals that F. deltoidea varieties of different extraction types were discriminated from each other. Locality studies of four varieties revealed that geographical origins do contributed to the discrimination pattern. From the finding, it is rational to use chemical fingerprint coupled with chemometric analysis in differentiation of F. deltoidea varieties and localities, which can be used as identification, classification and quality control methods for the standardization of Ficus deltoidea in herbal
 product development.

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[eBook] Chemical Fingerprinting: Analysis for Discrimination of Ficus Deltoidea Jack Varieties (2015)

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