• [eBook] The Concept of the Intellect (Al-'Aql) Al-Ghazali's Perspective in Ihya 'Ulum al-Din  (2019)

Penulis: Mohammed Muneer' Deen Olodo al-Shafi'i

This book addresses issues on the concept of the intellect from the perspective of al-Ghazali, and it also explores whether or not the conventional scientific notion of the intellect is Islamic in concept. It is centred upon would understanding Revelation have been possible without the intellect*, with the to its Divine source; general objective of re-relating the intellect the relation of the intellect to man and its divine purpose. In other words, would there have been Islam as a religion without the intellect? And finally, to inquire whether or not the intellect alone can judge man's affairs without revelation. This book is philosophical, scientific, and religious study of the concept and limits of the intellect and its relation to revelation. It concerns and delves in the ability of man to reason well; the freedom of reasoning gifted to him is
not to choose wrongly, but to choose what is right and use it wisely. It also not todefends the notion that 'not all that is Western is Wise, and not all that is
Wise comes from the West' everything has a divine relationship to the owner of the universe, Allah s.w.t. and such is to be proved of the intellect.

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[eBook] The Concept of the Intellect (Al-'Aql) Al-Ghazali's Perspective in Ihya 'Ulum al-Din (2019)

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