Vision, Mission, Motto, Core Values & Niche


Contemporary Integrated Islamic University (CIIU)


To produce holistic individuals with Naseem values through educational excellence and high impact research towards empowering society


Knowledge for the Benefit of Humanity

Core Values

  1. Knowledge
    An action oriented maverick who conducts research led teaching armed with contemporary knowledge to solve current and relevant issues which lead to commercialization.

  2. Faith & Akhlak
    A visionary and value oriented person of high moral standing.

  3. Deeds
    An accountable and transparent individual who cares and contributes to society.

  4. Leadership
    A dynamic pragmatic leader who is bold enough to make a difference and manages from the heart.

  5. Collaboration
    A team player with excellent communication and global networking skills.

  6. Entrepreneurship
    A persistent and successful entrepreneur.

  7. Transformation
    An individual who embraces culture and is armed with a transformational mindset leading to autonomy and financial independence.

  8. Innovation
    An individual who embraces creative thinking, leveraging on digital and disruptive technology.


Human Civilizational, medicinal, accuracy, science technology., management and techno-entreprenurship

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