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Student facilities are available in these three campuses are :

  1. Gong Badak Campus (Kuala Nerus)
  2. Medicine Campus (Kuala Terengganu)
  3. Besut campus (Besut)

Student Residence

To create a flexible learning environment for the students, management has built four (4) residential colleges. Three (3) from these colleges are situated in Gong Badak Campus and one (1) is in  City Campus. There are 38 blocks with 2379 rooms in the Gong badak Campus while the medicine campus holds 2 blocks with 44 rooms.

In general, each room houses two students at a time, which gives more room to the students to revise and rest well. These four colleges are able to house a total of 4800 students. Cafetarias are also provided to the students and staff of the university.

Academic Facilities

Academic facilities is given a lot of attention. UniSZA provides conducive rooms for lectures, tutorials, seminars and workshops in order to administer learning process. Besides that, there are also other related facilities such as the library, language, labs, computer labs, clinical labs and other facilities which are offered in other local higher learning institutions.

Sports and Recreations

Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin is equipped with maintains a gymnasium for sports like badminton, squash, volley ball and physical training. Other main sports facilities are hockey field, tennis court, sepak takraw and archery shooting range. Transportations are provided for recreational activities and sports conducted outsided campus. Gong Badak Campus is located 1 kilometre from Gong Badak Sports Complex which provides a range of sports facilities.


Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin has its own building to house the library at the Gong Badak Campus which caters to more than 300 users at a given time (the fiqure increases based on the approved budget of building expansion) with current total of collection reaching 140,000 materials (including books, journals, magazines and newspapers). A mini library is also found in the Medical Campus.

To enable the provision of good service to the users, the materials are generally arranged and classified as according to the following :

  1. Printed collection
  2. Non – printed collection
  3. Serial published collection
  4. Digital collection

At the same time, to ensure customers retrieved faster related and up to date information, the library subscribers database titles from both inside and outside the country which are :

  1. ACM Digital Library
  3. NetLibrary (e-Books)
  4. Islamic Finance
  5. Information Service (FIS)
  6. Proquest
  7. E-Brary
  8. Lexis Nexis Research
  9. CULaw online
  10. NSTP e-Media
  11. Lawnet OnLine Law Library
  12. SIRIM Link

Other Facilities

More than 50 students society in numerous fields offerred to the students as a mean to participate and develope talent in the aspeers of leadership, organisational administration, entrepreneurship and others. At the same time, students stands a chance to apply for scholarship or study loan from more than 20 institutions / agencies throughout their study in Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin including PTPTN, MARA, Yayasan Terengganu, Yayasan Sabah, Yayasan Pelajaran Johor, Yayasan Islam Kedah, FELDA, Koperasi Polis and Others.

Facilities regarding religious practices for the students and campus community, in general are given priority. On that basis, Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin provides a mosque that can facilitate to 3500 in mass. Numerous activities organized by the mosque is coordinated by the Islamic Centre, Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin which ensures not only benefit the university members but also plays a role at developing a local community.

The facilities of ATM machines are provided around the university with good security practice provided by Department of Security which prevents unwanted even and proves good level of security in campus.

Career and counselling Unit plays a role at ensuring the students are particularly provided a balanced knowledge and formed personality and in general, help the university to produce quality graduates. Qualified counsellors are trained and often are refferred to by the students in order to ensure students’ problems and predicament are thoroughly understood and solved

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