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The International Conference on Languages (ICL) is a biennial conference jointly organised by the Faculty of Languages and Communication, UniSZA, Malaysia and the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Prince of Songkla University, Thailand since 2013.

ICL 2015 aims to provide a platform for academicians, educators, language practitioners, industry professionals, teachers, teacher trainers, students and other like-minded individuals from the fields of language to exchange and share their experiences, new ideas, and research results on all aspects of language teaching, learning and research. The conference will be an opportunity for participants to meet and share their experiences and research results as well as discuss practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted.

Thus, ICL 2015 welcomes submissions either as paper or poster presentations on the conference theme: “Striving for Excellence: Overcoming Challenges in Language Teaching, Learning and Research”.

We invite submissions for an abstract of a research-based paper in any of the relevant fields, including but not limited to:

  1. Language for Specific Purposes (LSP)
  2. Language for Occupational Purposes (LOP)
  3. Language support programmes
  4. Developing language skills in learners
  5. Learning and teaching strategies
  6. Learning styles
  7. Language testing and measurement
  8. Interpersonal & intercultural communication
  9. E-learning
  10. Cognitive development approach in language classes
  11. Group dynamics
  12. Lateral thinking and the corporate world
  13. The reality of teaching language in educational institutions
  14. The theoretical study of language
  15. The evaluation of curricula for teaching language
  16. The use of modern technology in teaching language
  17. Modern theories in teaching language
  18. Language policy
  19. Learning and teaching cultures
  20. Language in multicultural contexts
  21. Linguistics
  22. Literature
  23. Language disability learner
  24. Language for open and distance learning
  25. Language learning for adults
  26. The use of ICT in language learning
  27. Other related topics

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"Striving for Excellence: Overcoming Challenges in Language Teaching, Learning and Research"