Call for Papers

We welcome submission of abstract and papers from all. All abstracts and working papers must be submitted using the provided form. Manuscripts are allowed to be prepared in either English or Bahasa Malaysia for publication.


Any enquiries or further information, please e-mail to ICESR 2017 & TADMIC 2017at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Abstract Writing Guideline
The length of abstract should not exceed 300 words and must cover the following items:

  • Research problem
  • Objective
  • Methodology
  • Findings

Oral Presentation Guideline
Participants will be divided into several parallel session according to the research disciplines and field. Every participant will be given a 15-minute slot for presentation. Oral presentation will be held outdoor at 1M4U Outreach Camp, Merang compound. Participants are required to prepare their oral presentation using poster-medium to assist explanation and understanding. Dress code for presentation is smart casual.

Poster-based oral presentation preparation guideline:
Please make sure the poster-based oral presentation is submitted is in accordance with the guidelines (Click Here)
Presentations are allowed to be delivered in either English or Bahasa Malaysia.
Poster size is A0 (118.9 cm x 84.1 cm).

Full Paper Writing Guide
Selected papers will be published in SCOPUS / ISI-indexed journals.
Author guidelines according to UniSZA MyJAS Format (Click Here) and UEO's JFAS Format (Click Here)

(Important: Author are required to submit two copy of manuscripts each formatted based on MyJAS and JFAS format for faster publication process.)

Please make sure the full paper submitted is in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Use Arial standardized font (size 12) with single-spacing with single-spacing.
  • Margins: 2 cm (Top-Down-Left-Right).
  • The paper is between 10-15 pages (A4 size).
  • Reference should be written using APA style (MyJAS) and numbered style (JFAS).
  • Writing should be neat and do not have activated 'tracked changes' or 'comments'.
  • If your paper contains any graphic, please make sure it is high quality.
  • Make sure the paperwork is submitted in PDF format in the proper position when printing, and make sure that the emailed file does not contain viruses.
  • Please write the full name of all authors, and their respective title, area of expertise, institution, mailing address and email address.

All papers submitted must be original and have not been submitted for publication, presentation or already have published in any seminar or publication.